Welcome to Adoncraft.com!

IP: adoncraft.zapto.org

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 Don't forget to Vote for our server on both of the links provided on "vote for us" everyday!

Page details 

Home - This page

Live map - Provides a link to our livemap

Pictures - Allows you to upload and view pictures

Forums - Our server forums

Application - Put in your application on this page

Ban-Appeal - If you were banned go here

Contact us - This provides emails for admins

Donate - Donate money and get perks!

Mumble Info - This shows you our mumble info!

Texture Pack - This is our custom texture pack.

Vote for us - Here you can vote for us!

Griefed? - Gives you a link to our GetSatisfaction to report and griefing.

Spoutcraft - Gives you a link to download a SC launcher


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